Our Mission


The Ohio Plan is comprised of 3 distinct entities which work together to provide affordable and comprehensive property and liability coverage, risk management services, and general management services to assist local governments and public entities throughout Ohio. Our team of professionals understands the uniqueness of our members and provides the necessary expertise to meet those needs.

By operating with integrity and the belief of always doing the right thing, our team is always responsive and accessible when needed. Our passion to go above and beyond the everyday norm distinguishes us from the competition and provides the ultimate value to our membership, which is why we do what we do.

Financial security is a key component of our program and the Ohio Plan only partners with reinsurance companies that carry a minimum AM Best Rating of A-. We consistently monitor the ratings to ensure our program remains financially sound and in a position to provide the most comprehensive product and services available to public entities in the state of Ohio.


Ohio Plan Financial Statement and Annual Report

Committed to remaining financially secure, the Board of Directors closely monitors the financial position, limits exposure to the plan and maintains long-term surplus stability.



Our Plan History

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Ohio Government Risk Management Plan Founded – June 1, 1988

Village of Bradner and Perkins Township passed local resolutions creating the Ohio Plan. Board of Directors established.

2001- 2004

Provided Property Appraisals for Members

Ohio Plan Began Retaining Risk

Senate Bill 106 Passed – Strengthens Governmental Immunity

Ohio Plan Added Terrorism – Property Coverage

2005 - 2009

Name Changes to Ohio Plan Risk Management, Inc.

Seminar/Education Reimbursement

Ohio Plan Advantage Credit Introduced

Added Declaratory, Equitable, Injunctive Relief

Added Employment Compensation

Lexipol Subscription Subsidy Program for Police Introduced

Seminar/Education Reimbursement Renamed Safety Allowance

2010 - 2015

Developed Employee Manuals for Different Entity Types

Announced 2 Free Hours of Legal Advice for Employment-related Issues

Enhancements to the Advantage Credit Program

Lexipol Subscription Subsidy Program Expanded for Fire

Added Cyber Liability Coverage

2016 - 2017

Opened Ohio Plan Office in Cincinnati, Ohio

Created/Filled Executive Director Position to Increase Member Benefits and Ohio Plan Oversight

Developed and Incorporated Ohio Plan Management Resources, Inc. to Assist Local Governments and Other Ohio Public Entities to Find Creative and Cost-Efficient Solutions