Ohio Plan Management Resources


Your entities insurance coverage with Ohio Plan now includes exciting new features. Beginning in 2019, all members of Ohio Plan Risk Management are automatically members of Ohio Plan Management Resources and receive the following services:

  • Member/Community Needs Assessment
  • OPMR Cybersecurity Assessment Program
  • OPMR Training Programs
  • Specialized Programs
  • Consultation Services, Special Training and Project Assistance

Who We Are


The Ohio Plan Management Resources, Inc. (OPMR) is a member-driven, relationship-oriented non-profit company formed to provide customized management programs, training, and resources to meet the unique needs of Ohio public entities and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their day-to-day operations and special projects.

What We Do


We help Ohio public entities find creative solutions to the unique challenges they face in their day-to-day operations. We work with vetted vendors to offer innovative and specially-crafted programs designed to assist our members to remain vigilant against cybersecurity risks, achieve energy conservation measures which are guaranteed to pay for themselves, obtain training on matters of critical importance to their communities, and obtain one-on-one consultation regarding issues of importance to them. In this way, we help our members to better serve their communities.

Why We Do It


Over the last several years, the board of directors of the Ohio Plan, all managers and employees of public entities themselves, witnessed first-hand how the declining economy and the devastating state-wide budget cuts were negatively affecting the ability of Ohio public entities to provide critical services to their communities and to obtain the resources necessary to help them effectively and efficiently perform the ever-growing list of services and tasks assigned to them. As these budget and efficiency issues are mostly unrelated to liability and insurance concerns which could be handled by the Ohio Plan Risk Management, Inc., the board of directors decided that the best way to help Ohio public entities with these types of issues was to create a separate Ohio Plan entity which focused entirely upon providing management and general resources and assistance to public entities throughout Ohio. In 2017, after much planning and preparation, the Ohio Plan Management Resources, Inc. was formed. Through this entity, the Ohio Plan is pleased to further partner with Ohio public entities by providing resources, vetted vendors, and staff with over 25 years of experience to help them find creative and cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges they face.