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We understand and value your time. Calls are answered 24/7 by our experienced claim adjusters. Ohio Plan Risk Management’s claim adjusters are focused solely on public entities and are proficient in the defenses and immunities granted to Ohio public entities as provided in the Ohio Revised Code.

Ohio Plan Risk Management claim philosophy is to be Fair, Friendly and Firm.

  • Fair – In collaboration with each Ohio Plan Risk Management member, we fully
            investigate every incident to ensure the utilization of defenses and immunities
            afforded to Ohio’s public entities.
  • Friendly – We understand the people side of the equation, always
            treating each call professionally and with courtesy.
  • Firm – We stand by our members, focusing on long-term solutions
            rather than paying frivolous claims.

Please remember to inform us as quickly as possible so we can help you and provide the superior service you are accustomed to receiving. The sooner a claim is turned in to Ohio Plan Risk Management, the faster your operations can return to normal.

To report a claim:
24/7 Claim Reporting Hotline // 866-825-2467

Need to file a claim?

Download this form to report a situation that may become a claim.

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