Ohio Plan Risk Management


Ohio Plan Risk Management Services


The ability to predict probable sources of loss and prevent them from materializing is a fundamental responsibility of all public entities, yet identifying each and every potential hazard capable of creating a loss before the loss occurs is overwhelming. Recognizing the importance of this task and wanting our membership to better control their own losses, the Ohio Plan Risk Management offers its members complimentary risk management assistance. Each plan member is provided with a risk manager responsible for identifying probable sources of risk and recommending improvement strategies.

Using many years of claims and loss control experience, the risk management department collaborates with each plan member to create a unique risk management profile. The profiles are created by categorizing typical loss exposures into core areas of risk.

•  Employee Manual/Handbook
•  Background Checks
•  Citizen Complaint Process
•  Contracts
•  Inspections
•  Cyber Data Protection
•  Public Records
•  Employee Training

Focusing loss prevention efforts into core areas allows our members, regardless of size or operations, to concentrate their efforts on real loss control methods. Our goal is to teach our members to more actively manage their own risks.

For each of the core areas of risk, resource materials are available to assist members with managing and/or mitigating the exposures represented. Risk managers are available to conduct on-site training or provide other technical assistance on exposures faced by the member.

We pride ourselves on delivering simple-to-implement, fact-based solutions that extend beyond standard insurance coverage to reduce risk.