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What The Ohio Plan Provides To Members

The Ohio Plan Management Resources Inc. is a member-driven, relationship-oriented, non-profit company formed to provide customized management, training, cybersecurity and human resource programs and assistance to it’s Members.  We also provide a variety of discounted fee-based consultative services to meet the unique day-to-day and operational need of it’s Members.  All Ohio Plan Risk Management Members are automatically enrolled as Members of the Ohio Plan Management Resources and receive the benefits included therein. Public entities that are not  Members of Ohio Plan Risk Management may join the Ohio Plan Management Resources at two different membership options.


Composed of and focused entirely on Ohio public entities, we understand your unique challenges. Our Board of Directors is elected by and serves our Members


We provide innovative services that are delivered on a personal level and uniquely designed for each Member


We can provide high-value, affordable service to your entity

Over 30 Years of Public Entity Leadership and Legal Experience and Expertise

Our executive team is composed of experienced current and former public entity managers, leaders and law directors and legal experts. Our partner organizations are selected from among the best providers and are adept and experienced working with public entities.

Base Services

Cybersecurity Assessment Program

- Web Based Newsletter & Updates

- Dark Web Scan

- Cyber Policy Review

- Network Scan and Assessment

- Incident Report Plan

Training Program

- Cybersecurity

- Leadership

- Supervisory

- Risk Management

- Specialized

Human Resources

- Web Based Updates

- Federal and State Compliance

- Best Practices

- Resources/Sample Documents

Fee-Based Consultative Services & Programs


- Executive Recruitment

- Staff & Board Member Training and Meeting Facilitation

- Organizational, Structure & Staffing Assessments

- Strategic Planning

- Human Resources

- Zoning, Planning & Economic Development

- Other Special Requests & Studies


- Community and Energy Aggregation

- Facility Energy Savings

- Supplemental Insurance
(Critical Illness & Accidental)
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